Select date with android datepicker appium

This post explains burning question – How to pass /select date in date picker in android application. Many guys tried to do with swipe but that is kind of passing hardcoded coordinates and not useful in long run. driver.FindElement(By.Id(“com.eos.eos_du_su:id/ed_manufdate”)).Click(); ((AndroidElement)(driver.FindElement(By.XPath(“//android.widget.NumberPicker[@index=’0′]//android.widget.Button[@index=0]”)))).Tap(1, 2); ((AndroidElement)(driver.FindElement(By.XPath(“//android.widget.NumberPicker[@index=’1′]//android.widget.Button[@index=0]”)))).Tap(1, 2); ((AndroidElement)(driver.FindElement(By.XPath(“//android.widget.NumberPicker[@index=’2′]//android.widget.Button[@index=0]”)))).Tap(1, 2); driver.FindElement(By.Id(“android:id/button1”)).Click(); This is how you can select date from datepicker in […]

Getting started with Appium

Automated software (App ) testing is an essential component of successful development projects. This post is for Appium beginners ,who want to set up and continue automation testing for  their app. Lets get started. Set up Appium server # Install  Appium server and client library from here. I am using here , Appium server for windows […]

update query with joins

After a long break, updating column using multiple table joins . simple trick to remember first select that column value and ensure we are getting correct value e.g. SELECT  NAME FROM COUNTRY INNER JOIN CONTINENTS C ON COUNTRY. CONTINENT_ID = C.ID WHERE COUNTRY.TYPE =’ISLAND’ now If we want to update selected column to other table […]

Diff between throw and throw ex

When you rethrow exception use throw rather than throw ex which destroys stack trace. Consider small example :- In above example we are throwing exception we caught here ex1 to parent function. in this case we will catch this exception in parent unction catch but we will lost with stack trace. So always try to […]

Silverlight Debugging

Hello friends , Here are some points if debugging is not working in your Silverlight application. 1. Go to Web project -> properties->Web tab -> Debuggers , select silverlight option. See below 2. If you have set this and if still it is not hitting break points clean solution and rebuild it. 3. if you […]

How to use NSTimer ??

hi guys , this is my first ipost 😉 In objective c, many times u need to use countdown in your iapps  so simple code for same first declare Nstimer object  and one UILabel (to show count down timing on app )in .h file @interface numberSeqViewController : UIViewController { NSTimer * countDown; UILabel* Timerlbl; } […]