Silverlight Debugging

Hello friends ,

Here are some points if debugging is not working in your Silverlight application.

1. Go to Web project -> properties->Web tab -> Debuggers , select silverlight option.

See below

Pravin Magdum- silverlight debugger setup
Silverlight Debugger setup

2. If you have set this and if still it is not hitting break points clean solution and rebuild it.

3. if you are using firefox as your default browser for VS then you might need to follow these steps,

  •  Set the breakpoints where you want.
  • Go to -Debug-Attach to process
  • Select the ( plugin-container.exe ) process-press Attach
  • Run your application.

See below :

pravin magdum - silverlight debugging firefox
silverlight debugging – browser firefox

4. If you want to change your default application browser in VS to other

  • Go to Web project ->right click on start up page -> select Browse with option and select desired browser.


Thanks ..



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